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Cambria for All

Cambria at a Glance

    Cambria is available in more than 100 designs. These distinct designs boast the natural beauty and variation of quarry cut stone.
    Diamond-like hardness, superior strength. Cambria is stronger than granite.
    No sealing or polishing required. Simply wash it with warm water, use mild soap if desired. It’s that simple.
    Cambria is nonporous and is NSF 51 certified for food and splash zone use. Rest assured, there is no safer surface for consumers.
    Cambria will resist stains from common household items such as coffee, tea and wine.
    Cambria also offers a Lifetime Limited Warrranty.
    Cambria is certified by GREENGUARD as a low-emitting product for indoor air quality and is suitable for school environments.

What is Cambria?

Cambria is a natural, quartz surfacing product that has a variety of uses in your home or business such as kitchen countertops, floor tile, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, wet bars, showers, furniture tabletops and accent pieces, window sills, etc. Cambria is pure, natural quartz, one of the hardest and most common minerals on Earth. It has the natural look and feel of granite, but features superior performance because of its strength and durability. It is nonporous and will not absorb food and liquids like granite does. And best of all, it is maintenance-free.
Cambria is available in 1cm, 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. Various edge profiles can also create the appearance of a thicker slab.
Cambria is 93% quartz, a natural stone. Granite is only about 40% to 60% quartz, along with other softer minerals and impurities. With Cambria, you get the look and feel of granite, but receive greater strength and the benefit of it being nonporous and maintenance free. Just wash it with warm water, and use a mild soap if desired. Cambria is stain resistant and never needs sealing or reconditioning. Granite is a porous stone and needs to be sealed regularly with a chemical treatment. It can absorb liquids and food, risking potential staining and bacterial growth within the countertop.

How is Cambria different from other quartz surfaces?

Cambria is the only American company in the quartz surfaces business. Cambria’s design options are also significantly different, reflecting our knowledge and responsiveness to the marketplace. Additionally, Cambria is a family-owned company with more than 60 years of manufacturing experience.

How does Cambria’s price compare to other natural stone or solid surface competitors? What does it cost?

Generally, Cambria prices are comparable to granite and other stone surfaces. Our trade customers such as kitchen and bath dealers, fabricators, and contractors establish Cambria retail prices. Cambria works hard to provide simple pricing and all Cambria designs are sold at the same price.

EPIC working on Denise Richards home in LA

A couple months ago we completed stone and tile work on Denise Richards home in LA. You may have seen the beginning stages of the project on her ABC Nightline interview or if you have been following her on Twitter.

Stay tuned for more pics of the completed project.

Bottles IN your counter??? (Taking recycling up a notch)

After your big event while you are cleaning up the the empty bottles of beers and hard liquor, ever wonder where exactly is this all going?? Possibly right back where it was, on your counter.

A Day in the Life of Vetrazzo

All of the glass used in Vetrazzo is recycled, and it makes up about 83% of the final material by weight. The largest proportion of glass comes from curbside recycling programs. Other glass comes from post industrial usage, windows, dinnerware, stemware, automotive windshields, stained glass, laboratory glass, reclaimed glass from building demolition, and other unusual sources such as decommissioned traffic lights.
You and Vetrazzo when the stories merge
Because of the unique nature of the glass used in the production process, every Vetrazzo surface has its own history. We track that history, and when you purchase Vetrazzo, we provide a Certificate of Transformation that tells you exactly where the glass in your Vetrazzo came from.

History of Vetrazzo:
In 1996 Vetrazzo® (the product) was invented by a passionate glass scientist in Berkeley, California – it has appeared on HGTV, the DIY Network, and shows like The View.

In 2006, Vetrazzo® opened its manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters in the refurbished Ford Assembly Building at Ford Point in Richmond, California, the same building that opened in 1931 as Ford’s west coast Model-A production plant.

In 2010, Vetrazzo was acquired by Polycor Inc, the most diversified and largest fully-integrated granite and marble group in North America, providing natural stone solutions since 1987.